Dear Lee,
We have had a very stressful time trying to sell our townhome and one buyer already backed out. Our realtor has been terrible and buyer #2 has been very demanding. I was upset and worried when our buyer insisted we have our furnace repaired based on an inspector’s suggestion, when that same inspector didn’t even know where our furnace’s filter was! You went above and beyond our expectations when you spoke with the inspector on the phone and then came out and didn’t even charge us to “un-stick” a door button and write an “okay” for our furnace to satisfy our buyer. You have no idea how much easier you made our lives last week! We appreciated your honesty and kindness and we would recommend you guys to anyone who needs HVAC service. Thanks a million!!

P.S. Please share our praise with your manager if you have one! Thanks!!

Jenny B.

Dear Lee,
I wanted to thank you and your techs for your efforts with the Hal and Cathy W. residence. I used to get really nervous referring a contractor for my customers, and fortunately, those days are long gone. It is great referring HVAC Construction for all of my customers. I really appreciate how your crew is very aware of “solid” construction methods. It is all in the details, and that is very clear in the result. I have never had a customer indicate any concerns. It is a pleasure to have your organization as a resource that adds value to my personal work. I do a lot of projects around my house, and believe that the product is just one part of the solution. Your craftsmanship pulls it all together. Thank you for being a model contractor. I wish more contractors were more like your organization, but most of them are not. Let me take that back, none of them are. Really. Meanwhile, my efforts are simple, because I only need to recommend you. Please share these comments with your team. I hope you are fully aware that you have a fantastic organization. Let’s do more together, and please let my organization know if our team can do more to assist your goals. If you see any product enhancements that will enable you to accommodate your efforts more efficiently and effectively, please let us know. If you ever need a referral for a potential customer feel free to have a customer call me, or any of my customers.
Have a great Thanksgiving.

Matt D.

Hello Lee,
I wish to thank you and your staff for the high-quality service that your company provided to me in the replacement of furnace and a/c, beginning with the time you spent with me at my home and the thoroughness of explaining different options in equipment. I especially want to thank Lee and Sean for their efficient and courteous service during installation. I have called Scott A. to thank him for referring me to your company. He spoke very highly of you and your professionalism.
Best regards,

Marie A.

Dear Lee,
Lee became our “HVAC guy” a few months ago. He has been able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair our two, rooftop HVAC units a couple of times during these past months. Trust me, that has been no small feat because our rooftop units are quite old…the oldest installed in about 1977. Its’ condenser fan unit failed just before I left for a week’s cruise to Alaska, and the outdoor temperatures in Bountiful were still in the mid to high 90’s. He told me the part might not be available because of the age of the HVAC unit, but he would try to find a replacement. Miracle of miracles, he DID find a replacement part and so far, it is functioning well. When I left on my trip I had two options:
1. Find a replacement part and pay for installation.
2. Deep six the ancient 5 ton HVAC unit and replace it at a cost of at least $7,000.00.
Since I lease this space, I would have been on the hook for replacement costs. My lease ends in early 2012, and I have purchased property to build my own building. I did not want to buy a new unit for $7,000.00 or more, and then turn it over to the building’s landlord. Guess which option I was hoping for? Lee made it happen and I am grateful. Lee is the best, because he tries to take care of his customers. I am sure that is not just HIS philosophy, but that it is your company’s philosophy. I admire it and appreciate it.
Thanks again,

Steven N.

Dear Lee,
Just a note to let you know I appreciate high quality service, especially when I am on the receiving end. Your people installed my equipment when you said they would and did an excellent job! Even though there was a small glitch with the amount of refrigerant, you responded immediately and took care of the problem in an expeditious and professional manner. Please give special thanks to your installers, Wayne and Kody, and the highly-skilled technician who immediately diagnosed and took care of the refrigerant problem. (Sorry, I can’t remember his name). You can be proud of these guys, and I’m sure their competency reflects your management skills!
Sincere Thanks,

Joe D.

Dear Lee,
Thank you for making our house a cool place, we almost can’t wait for winter to use our new furnace! Because of your professional, honest and friendly service we will recommend H.V.A.C. Construction to all our family & friends!
Thanks again!

Dan & Naomi P.

Dear Lee,
Just wanted to say thank you for your quick response and the great job you did putting in my Dad’s furnace. Really appreciate it.

Joy M.