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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner? 4 Warning Signs

As the summer heat continues to build and air conditioning units across the country are being put through their paces, now is the most important time to ask, “Should I replace my air conditioner?”

While buying a new AC can be a very costly process, sometimes the need to replace your unit is more subtle than a complete failure of the equipment. Below are 4 warning signs which signal it’s time to make an investment and upgrade your HVAC unit.

Simple aging

Old age eventually catches up with all of us and AC units are no exception to this rule. Manufacturers often cite a 15-year period as the recommended maximum lifespan of their equipment and it is possible to keep a unit running this long if it’s well maintained and not used extensively over this duration.

Recent advancements in technology have seen modern units become much more efficient than older units and offer considerably cheaper running costs. By swapping a system over 10-years-old which runs on the outdated coolant, you could easily reduce the cost of running the equipment between 20-40%.

Electrical burning smell

If you detect an electrical odor in the air around the unit, it may well be due to the AC unit overheating. This could be due to the unit being overworked because of a blocked air filter and by switching the system off at the mains and cleaning the filter, you will rectify the problem.

It’s also worth noting that switching on the equipment for the first time following a period of inactivity could be causing settled dust to burn and the smell will slowly disappear after half an hour. However, it could be a sign that your system is running inefficiently and this excessive strain on the compressor is liable to lead to an imminent breakdown.

Constant problems

Although all appliances will likely experience some problems during their lifetime,  constant problems with your system should be a cause for concern. There are two good rules which you can apply to this, both of which provide an answer to the question of “should I replace my air conditioner?”.

  1. If the cost of repair and maintenance you receive from a quote is more than 50% of the cost of buying a new unit, it’s time to upgrade.
  2. Alternatively, if you multiply the cost of the quote by the number of years since the equipment was new and find the answer above $5,000, it’s also time to make a new purchase.

Increasingly noisy

The reciprocating compressor used inside an HVAC system is naturally not the quietest appliance you’re likely to buy, however, if the unit starts to display excessive amounts of noise, there could be a major problem.

Loose or broken parts within the system can often be the cause of this. A shrill, screaming noise should be taken seriously as it may well be a refrigerant leak inside the unit. While it may appear that your unit is still functioning normally, there’s a high probability that your system is working under duress causing higher running costs and if not tackled, the problem could lead to a system failure in the near future.

If you find yourself in need of a new system, HVAC Construction in Salt Lake offers top of the line Carrier Air Conditioners. Look into our financing to ensure that your home and bank account can be comfortable this summer.

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