Common Heating Problems We Can Fix

Heating systems are fairly easy to take for granted. Often, it’s when they finally succumb to problems and they finally break down that homeowners give them the attention they deserve. By then, you’ll have to suffer from the discomfort brought about by the lack of heat.

Common Heating Problems

By being aware of the common issues that ail heating systems, you’ll be better equipped to handle them with the aid of a professional repair technician. These are common heating problems your heating contractor can help you with.

Heating Problem 1: Uneven Distribution of Heating

Sometimes, the upper part of the radiator can be of a different temperature than that of the lower half. This is commonly due to air buildup in the central heating system. HVAC contractors deal with this problem by bleeding the radiator. This process involves turning the radiator key while the system is turned off. At that point, the technician will hold a container just below the radiator to catch the hot water that will flow once the air is released. Extreme caution must be taken during this step as the fluid can be extremely hot.

Heating Problem 2: Knocking Sounds

Action pipes contract and expand in central air conditioning units whenever they are in use. Sometimes, heating contractors say, knocking sounds can occur whenever you turn the system off. While this is normal for systems with old pipes or ones that have pipes close together, the resultant noise can be a cause for concern. A pipe replacement procedure can rectify this problem.

Heating Problem 3: Thermostat Discrepancy

There are instances when the actual temperature won’t reflect what’s indicated in the thermostat. The cause of these instances can be traced right to the radiators. Over time, rust can develop in them and cause them to malfunction. This, in turn, prevents hot water from flowing through them effectively. Your technician will have to remove the radiators and flush out the corrosion with a power hose.

Heating Problem 4: Lack of Heat

Should your central heating system fail to provide ample heat, the first stop for technicians to do is check if the system is still capable of receiving hot water. In cases where the heating is the only culprit, the most likely cause is failure in the central pump or pump valve. This is due to these components’ tendency to go dormant during extended periods of inactivity. Your technician will then restart them. Thankfully, a gentle tap is often enough to jumpstart and free them from any seizures.

A proactive stance to maintenance can steer you clear of such heating problems. In the event that these issues do arise, make sure to contact your heating technician at once. Delaying repairs can only serve to further complicate problems. By then repairs can be harder and much more expensive to undertake.

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