HVAC Construction Primer: How ACs Are Manufactured

Some technological advances that were once considered luxuries in life have now become necessities. Case in point: HVAC systems. No home or office space would be complete without the comfort they bring. As understanding its basic concepts is part of maintenance, home and business owners should take it one step further and familiarize themselves with the manufacturing process.

If you’ve ever wondered about how air conditioners are manufactured, wonder no more. HVAC Construction, Inc. provides an in-depth look at how they are made.

HVAC Construction Step One: Raw Materials

Air conditioning units are complex systems consisting of different types of metal, with the occasional use of plastic and other non-traditional materials for weight and cost-reduction purposes. Other critical components include copper and aluminum tubing to provide superior thermal properties. The use of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials is also fairly common.

HVAC Construction Step Two: The Design

While manufacturers may have varying designs for their air conditioning models, basic components are uniform throughout all makes and brands. These are the pump, evaporator, condenser, and the expansion valve, all working with fluid and opposing fluid medium. The constant source of power, regardless of design, is the electrically-driven motor and pump combination responsible for refrigerant circulation.

HVAC Construction Step Three: The Manufacturing Process

The final stage of the manufacturing process includes the fabrication and cutting of sheet steel that is subsequently cut, formed, punched, drilled, and sheared into proper form. Each part is then thoroughly cleaned and powder-coated. The copper tubing is further joined with aluminum plates and the pump is installed. Units are then sent to quality control to see if it does work according to regulations before being sold.

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