Pre Winter Home Improvement Projects

Your Pre-Winter Home Checklist

Now that fall has arrived the leaves are starting to change and it’s cooling down quite a bit in the Salt Lake City area. This is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the winter before temperatures really start to drop. There are a variety of home improvement tasks you’ll want to get done before the winter arrives. Below, we’ve created a simple and effective pre-winter home improvement checklist to help you make sure that your home is ready to keep you and your family comfortable this winter season.

Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Here’s a list of winter home improvement tasks you should tackle this fall before the temperatures start to drop:

Fix any peeling paint.

Check out your exterior walls to see if there is any peeling or blistering paint. Be sure to add a fresh coat of paint to these areas before winter arrives. This will help protect the sides of your home and prevent more costly repairs that result from deteriorating siding.

Clean your gutters.

After leaves have started to fall, you will want to make sure that you clean your gutters and flush them with water to keep them from getting clogged. Also, check for any loose brackets or broken joints and repair as necessary. To protect your home’s foundation, be sure to replace any old or damaged gutters before winter arrives.

Caulk around windows and door frames.

This is a quick home maintenance project that can save you hundreds of dollars. Openings around doors and windows can allow warm air to escape your home, making your HVAC system run less efficiently. Not to mention these openings can allow water to get in and freeze, which can result in mold buildup as well as damage to your doors and windows.

Inspect your roof.

Check your roof to ensure that it’s in good shape for the winter. Look for any missing or loose shingles, and notice if there are any leaks that appear when it rains. Your roof protects your home from the elements, so it is vital that it is in good shape before winter weather arrives. If you discover that your roof is leaking or you are missing shingles, call a professional roofing contractor to fix these issues before winter arrives.

Test your heating system.

Your heating system gets the most use during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to test your furnace before you start using it this winter. Turn the system on and wait for it to kick on. Check to make sure that your heating system brings your home to the temperature indicated on the thermostat. If you find that your system isn’t working properly, you hear loud noises, or smell a burning smell, call a professional HVAC company immediately to inspect your system.

Contact Your Fall HVAC Experts

If a fall HVAC tune-up is on your list of pre-winter home improvement projects, be sure to contact the experts at HVAC Construction. Our team of experienced and certified HVAC technicians will clean and lubricate your system while checking for any issues, malfunctions, or repair needs. Call now to set up an appointment for fall HVAC maintenance: (801) 447-2057.

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