How to Create an Effective Home Improvement Budget for the New Year

With 2018 just a few days away, you might be thinking about how you can make improvements to your home in the new year. Home maintenance can certainly be expensive. However, with a home improvement budget, you can make sure that you stay on track cost-wise with any improvements or upgrades that you make to your home. Read on to find out how you can create a 2018 home improvement budget.

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Home Improvement Budget

It can be easy to get carried away when you’re working on home improvement projects. However, a budget can help you make sure you’re not spending outside of your means. Use the tips below to create an effective home improvement budget for the new year:

Create Home Improvement Budget

Utah HVAC Maintenance

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Your Pre-Winter Home Checklist

Now that fall has arrived the leaves are starting to change and it’s cooling down quite a bit in the Salt Lake City area. This is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the winter before temperatures really start to drop. There are a variety of home improvement tasks you’ll want to get done before the winter arrives. Below, we’ve created a simple and effective pre-winter home improvement checklist to help you make sure that your home is ready to keep you and your family comfortable this winter season.

Fall Home Improvement Checklist

Here’s a list of winter home improvement tasks you should tackle this fall before the temperatures start to drop:

Fix any peeling paint.

Check out your exterior walls to see if there is any peeling or blistering paint. Be sure to add a fresh coat of paint to these areas before winter arrives. This will help protect the sides of your home and prevent more costly repairs that result from deteriorating siding.

Clean your gutters.

After leaves have started to fall, you will want to make sure that you clean your gutters and flush them with water to keep them from getting clogged. Also, check for any loose brackets or broken joints and repair as necessary. To protect your home’s foundation, be sure to replace any old or damaged gutters before winter arrives.

Caulk around windows and door frames.

This is a quick home maintenance project that can save you hundreds of dollars. Openings around doors and windows can allow warm air to escape your home, making your HVAC system run less efficiently. Not to mention these openings can allow water to get in and freeze, which can result in mold buildup as well as damage to your doors and windows.

Inspect your roof.

Check your roof to ensure that it’s in good shape for the winter. Look for any missing or loose shingles, and notice if there are any leaks that appear when it rains. Your roof protects your home from the elements, so it is vital that it is in good shape before winter weather arrives. If you discover that your roof is leaking or you are missing shingles, call a professional roofing contractor to fix these issues before winter arrives.

Test your heating system.

Your heating system gets the most use during the winter months. That’s why it’s important to test your furnace before you start using it this winter. Turn the system on and wait for it to kick on. Check to make sure that your heating system brings your home to the temperature indicated on the thermostat. If you find that your system isn’t working properly, you hear loud noises, or smell a burning smell, call a professional HVAC company immediately to inspect your system.

Contact Your Fall HVAC Experts

If a fall HVAC tune-up is on your list of pre-winter home improvement projects, be sure to contact the experts at HVAC Construction. Our team of experienced and certified HVAC technicians will clean and lubricate your system while checking for any issues, malfunctions, or repair needs. Call now to set up an appointment for fall HVAC maintenance: (801) 447-2057.

Winter Home Maintenance: 5 Things You’re Forgetting to Do

Winter home maintenance is extremely important in places like Utah where we see a lot of snow and other winter related weather. Even now that winter is in full swing, it’s still a good idea to keep up on your home maintenance. Many homeowners focus on the obvious stuff, such as weather-stripping, but there are a few more significant things you should keep in mind during the wintertime.

5 Winter Home Maintenance Tasks You’re Forgetting About

Below are 5 tasks that are essential to implement during the winter months, but that many homeowners simply forget to do:

Roof Inspection


It’s never too late to inspect your roof! The best way to prevent emergency issues such as major leaks or expensive roofing repairs is by being proactive in locating any small issues before they become larger problems.

Keep an eye out for damaged mortar around your home’s chimney, gaps in between flashing where the roof and siding connect, as well as loose or damaged shingles. If you spot any of these issues, call a repair person immediately to fix the damage. Even seemingly small issues on a roof can turn into major problems after a big snowfall.

Exterior Walls


Just like your roof, you’ll want to thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior walls for any damage and have any issues repaired ASAP. You will want to specifically look around windows, and if you have wood siding, make sure you inspect it thoroughly for any cracks, splits, or decay. Having weak exterior walls during wintertime is a recipe for disaster, but major damage can be prevented if you keep those walls well maintained.

Insulate Your Walls and Attic


Right beneath those exterior walls is insulation, and you’ll want to make sure that’s in good shape as well. Properly insulated walls and attic spaces will increase the energy efficiency of your home’s heating system by keeping the warm air in and the cold air out. Furthermore, insulation will also add an extra layer of protection for your roof against inclement weather.

Insulation helps your attic maintain a temperature approximately 10 degrees warmer than the rest of your home. A higher temperature in your attic area helps prevent any standing water on your roof (from melted snow or other precipitation) from re-freezing, which could cause your roof to cave in. Prevent any unwanted damage from occurring by properly insulating your home, and pay particularly close attention to your attic.  

Insulate Your Pipes


Insulation isn’t just for walls and attics; you should also insulate your pipes using heating tape. As you are preparing to wrap your pipes with insulation, check your pipes for leaks, and if you spot any, make sure to have them repaired immediately.

HVAC Maintenance


This is such a crucial part of winter maintenance but it’s often overlooked beyond turning the heating unit on. When you have your system serviced, an HVAC professional will inspect the unit for any problems—both minor and major—so you can rest assured that your system can keep up with the cold weather. We recommend having your HVAC system checked out at least annually, but ideally twice a year.
If you haven’t had your system serviced for a while, now is a great time! We make it simple to keep up with maintenance by offering scheduled maintenance plans. Give us a call at 801-447-2057 to learn more.