5 Ways to Save Energy When Heating Your Home this Winter

Heating your home during the colder winter months can be costly. Here are five easy ways to will help you save money while maintaining a warm and toasty home this season:

Seal Up Any Air Leaks

Don’t let your heat go out the door! Be mindful of doors or windows that are left open for a longer duration of time other than going in and out. Also, don’t let cold air creep in and counteract all that warm air your heating system is working hard to maintain. Check for “invisible” air leaks around your home. These are most commonly found around doors, windows, and attic entryways. Check for air leaks around these areas and seal appropriately with either caulk or weather stripping as needed.

It may seem like a small adjustment, but keeping these drafts out of your house can add up to big savings over the winter. Also, put draft blockers (homemade is great!) at the bottoms of all your exterior doors to keep your home extra cozy.

Drop The Temperature on Your Thermostat While Sleeping and While Away

This small adjustment can add up to significant savings when heating your home; and, the best part is, you won’t be all that aware of it. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 65 ºF is the ideal sleeping temperature for most people. Since many of us have beds dressed with comfortable blankets and pillows, we won’t even notice if the room drops a few degrees while we sleep—but our energy bills sure will! It is estimated that households can save up to 5% for every degree that is lowered on the thermostat during the winter months.

So, if you normally run your thermostat at 72 degrees at night, dropping it down to 68 ºF can save you big over time! Apply the same concept while you’re away, either at work during the day, or when you’re gone for extended periods, such as a long weekend.

Bonus Tip: A programmable thermostat is a stress-free way to keep your home’s temperatures on track, especially if you’d like to effortlessly lower temps at night and while you’re away. Consider upgrading to a programmable model if you are still using a manual thermostat.

Seal off Unused Rooms

If you have a large home, chances are that there is a room or two that goes unused or is mainly for storage. Consider how often people in your household use these rooms, and if it’s only occasionally, go ahead and get these rooms “winter ready”. There is no point in heating an unused area. Close the registers to these rooms, and keep the door shut while unoccupied, so that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat a part of the home that isn’t used.

Enjoy the Sun

If you have sunny rooms (these are usually rooms with south facing windows) then allow the light to shine in during the daytime, which will let in natural warmth from the sun. The sun can provide a lot of heat during the daylight hours, which means that your heating system won’t need to work as hard to keep your home warm and cozy.

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5 Compelling Reasons to Replace Your Furnace Filter Before Winter

Winter presents one of the most challenging seasons for your house heating needs. You just can’t afford the risk of a furnace that is not heating your home optimally. All the components of your furnace have to be in top notch condition. The furnace air filter does not do the actual heating, but it is vital in ensuring the air blowing throughout your home is clean. Why is this important? Constant use makes the filter dirty. This dirt will finally clog the filter and restrict air flow. This requires you to take proactive measures and replace your furnace filter before winter sets in.

Why You Need to Replace Your Furnace Filter

There are a few reasons why it is important to replace your furnace filter before winter.

Energy cost

When your air filter is clogged or damaged, it will make your heating system to run much harder than usual. This will translate into higher energy bills. Certainly, you need heat in your house not in your pocket. Ensure you have the system running efficiently by fitting a new filter before the cold season begins.

Avoid preventable breakdowns

One might opt for the easy way out by to just removing the offending air filter. However, this is the wrong approach to the problem. Getting rid of the filter will only give debris and dirt an opportunity to accumulate in the system. This accumulation of unwanted foreign bodies into the system is a sure way of inviting premature failure and preventable breakdowns during the chilly winter season. By doing this replacement earlier you will be giving you HVAC system a longer life.

Clean air during winter

You, a member of your family or some of your guests might be suffering from allergies or find excessive dust accumulation to be a source of discomfort. Paying attention to your filter is a great starting point in seeking relief to these anticipated challenges. By replacing the furnace filter before winter you ensure that you will not have to worry about adulterated air in your house during the cold season. Endeavor to take the entire measures make your home environment as comfortable as possible prior to the onset of winter.

Cost Savings

Products become more expensive during the seasons of the year when the sellers know you can hardly do without the product in question. It is normal in business for such prices to shoot upwards when buyers have little option other than buying the commodity in question. So, why not replace your furnace filter before the costly replacement season arrives?

Peace of Mind

You don’t have to wait until you experience the challenges of a malfunctioning furnace filter. Replacing it now is easy and inexpensive. It will extend the life of your HVAC system and enhance the quality of your indoor air quality. Buy for best quality air filters with an excellent Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV). The value ranges from1 to 12 and the higher the value the better filtration you get with the filter. Remember to have your HVAC system tuned up regularly, especially so during winter, to ensure the entire system is in synch and operating optimally.

With these simple but vital tips you are sure of getting excellent service from your heater throughout the winter period and beyond. Contact us for all of your heating needs.